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Our Services

Parking Lot Improvements and Maintenance
CAM Services Network provides all services needed to keep your parking lot in good repair and up-to-date with California ADA requirements.

Lighting and Electrical Services
CAM Services Network offers a full-range of Lighting and Electrical maintenance services, including 24-hour emergency response for urgent issues. All work includes a one-year parts and labor guarantee.

Landscaping Design, Installation and Maintenance
We are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial property landscaping.

Building Upgrades and Repairs
CAM Services Network provides a broad range of improvement and maintenance services for your commercial building interior and exterior.

Janitorial Services
We provide comprehensive custodial services including basic janitorial, window cleaning and carpet cleaning. Our customized services can include any mix of the following services.

Cleaning and Sweeping
CAM Services Network offers a full-service cleaning program

Audit and Consulting Services
CAM Services Network offers a wide range of facility audit, inspection and consulting services.  This may fill a one-time business need, or can be implemented as a recurring service.


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